using a proven and trusted worldwide eLearning framework

The ready made solution for your training needs:

Complex, but in it’s simplest visual form. Start a learning culture today in a secure environment.

  • Onboarding and induction process

    to welcome in a consistent manner your new employees and business partners. In a single place you can have information, induction, plans, pictures, videos, links and many more. Tell them about the visions mission and companies core values.

  • Training for generating performance within your organisation

    If you have a learning path then the competency plan is the key in implementing it. Simplified has resources to make the training process as smooth as possible. We automated to majority of process so you can focus on the most important aspect: content.

  • KPI’ monitoring because

    Learning and Development focuses on continually improving the performance of individuals and groups within your organization. We can track results and report changes, together with a impact evaluation.

  • Compliance with industry regulation and assessment

    By using a LMS you can test periodically to ensure employees remain compliant with the latest changes. And it is more cost effective than outsourcing on a regularly bases this kind of training services. If it is yours you will know how to handle it.


simplfied is the easiest way for delivering high quality content.
We made things simplest by process automation.

Learning is fun!

All-in-one = integration in modules for every need.

  • Communicate

    with your team or with your clients. Communication is the first tool you can use when delivering a training programme: – share news about the new courses; – enrol learners to courses and notify them about it; – send messages to inform about their career path completion.

  • Share resources

    that you find useful for your team or to fulfil training requirements in a click of a button: – videos; – presentations; – files.

  • Evaluate

    as a general activity or as part of a course. Dare to be the one changing the rules. Be the one to drive an objective assessment with minimum effort. Let us create the perfect type of questions and you just have to put them in the right order.

  • Certify

    with our well known systems that ensure a certificate for every learner that accomplish its tasks. You can have a course with restrictions about activity completion. Or maybe you prefer a course where the grade has a greater impact. No matter your L&D vision, with Simplified you will discover the methods to perform.

  • Reporting

    is never an easy mission especially on the Learning & Development records. Simplified has an unique framework that helps you in creating the right report for every type of request: – number of users – grades – time spent – last accessed – leaders – etc.

  • Reward

    with badges in the eLearning environment. Give incentives in the digital world like open access to paid courses or to a higher competency level on the career path. No matter the age, social status and position within your organisation people are stimulated by rewards.

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