eLearning & Software

is the result of our more than 9 years experience in eLearning and, in the same time, the contribution we are bringing to the entire Learning community.

eLearning & Software is on the online market since 2008, starting its activity with the creation of web pages and continuing to more complex systems like Learning Management Systems (LMS). Now, in 2017, we cover a wide range of activities, linked or not to the eLearning:

  • PHP development
  • Moodle implementation
  • SQL and MySQL development
  • Content development
  • Instructional design consultancy
  • Training for Instructional design expert
  • Training for Moodle community
  • Additional services: Hosting, Maintenance, Support, Security Audit, Upgrade, Update

Since 2013 eLearning & Software is the only Moodle certified partner for Romania, covering through its activities both Romania and Republic of Moldova. We are responsible for nurturing the Moodle community in the educational field: Universities, Schools, NGO’s, Teachers and to grow the eLearning market for both countries.

Since 2015 we are Articulate partners, authorised to resell Articulate products and to create special services, customised to our clients needs. eLearning & Software is an expert in mastering Articulate products and creating interactive courses and contents. We have a dedicated team, thus incorporating a complex set of competences.

Our business has led us to Italy with great friends and partners, to Gibralatar with all its challenges, to Norway with the fun, to Holland with the new views, to Germany with its solar projects.


We are enthusiastic about everything that is NEW and full of ENERGY when having a target. We constant LEARN and keep the contact with industries requirements.

Passionate about eLearning? Than come and Learn in an OPEN environment.

laueLearning & Software